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How A Rug Can Improve Your Home Décor

Often an overlooked home interior decoration, rugs can actually bring a great deal to your décor and home styling. A statement rug can be the missing piece of your interior design that brings the room together and set your room apart.

A rug can bring many benefits to a room including:
Warm and Inviting – with laminate, wood, tiles or any other hard surface flooring, your space can feel cold and detached. A rug can add warmth and insulation to a room, particularly if you use a thermal pad underneath it. In winter a rug may be just what you need to curl your frozen toes into after a chilly walk.
Anchoring Furniture – to continue with a cosy and inviting vibe, a rug can help to give placement to your furniture, for example, a rug can help to zone your living space with a sofa, coffee table and armchair all position on or level with the rug. A rug can help you with the positioning of your furniture in the room, making it an intimate space.
Comforting – a soft shaggy pile that instantly makes your toes curl into the pile is far more comforting and enjoyable than a cold, hard surface. Choose soft fibres and inviting textures where you can sink your feet and feel glad to be home.
Quiet and Peaceful – a rug can dramatically improve the acoustics in your home. A rug is much softer to walk on, and it also helps to reduce the echo. Make your home a haven with a peaceful tread.
Style – for an instant transformation, laying a rug in your home will add colour, texture and patterns, it is an art piece for the floor and should reflect your personality and define the room, not just be practical as a soft walkway. Luxury furniture stores will have many bold and stylish statement rugs to make an impact.
Versatility – a rug can be moved around the room and into other rooms so you can change your décor regularly and still have a good rug to use in your home. A rug can give you the different boundaries you need at any particular time and be changed when the space is redefined.
How To Choose The Right Rug
As rugs can make a room and be the perfect addition to your space, it is important to get it right. Selecting a rug is a simple three step process, but one that you need to take time over to consider fully.
Colour – If you have a very vibrant or patterned room, find a neutral or single-colour rug which will complement your existing furniture and accessories, rather than clash awkwardly. Don’t feel you have to play it safe, but consider your current colour scheme to determine what will work best for your room.

Texture – a room should feel rich and layered with a blend of different textures and tones. Try to contrast the texture with other soft furnishings to give you a designer feel. A sleek leather sofa works wonders with a soft shaggy pile, for example.
Space – consider the amount of space you want a rug to cover to make sure you chose the right sized rug. It doesn’t have to cover the whole room, but ideally, furniture should sit on the rug at some point.

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