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Stylish Ways To Get The Industrial Look In Your Home


For a cool, understated look that is oozing with style, look no further than the industrial and factory theme for inspiration. The industrial look gives homes a spacious, creative and enticing element. It can help with the acoustics of the building as well as give the freedom and imagination for creative professionals.

One of the best aspects of adopting the industrial look in your home is that you can combine or choose between modern and vintage elements. You can create a futuristic industrial space that gives your interior design edge and minimalism or, alternatively, you can add vintage and classic pieces to add more warmth and character to your space.

Use Period Features

One of the first places to start with adding the industrial theme to your home is to look at the home itself. By stripping away at your home, you can expose construction elements that can be the canvas for your industrial theme. Exposed beams and brickwork and even metal work can help to create a haven of factory style that will give your home an air of an art studio – think Andy Warhol. If your home doesn’t have these character features, consider adding a brick feature wall, which you can add through veneer or a high-quality textured wallpaper.

Add Factory Lighting

Chrome, steel and aluminium are leading the way in the most stylish home lighting options. For an industrial look choose cages, chains and large pendants. These retro style lampshades are based on the style that illuminated factories and mills. To make this look work for you, go bold and large with your choice of lighting feature and truly make it stand out and be a feature of your room.

Choose Weathered Wood Furnishings

Aged wood is the perfect addition to factory style. The wear and tear nature give a rustic and historical feel. Weathered wood is hardy and reliable and looks like it has stood the test of time. Add reclaimed wood to your décor with a stylish chest or a cutting table-style dining table. If you want to embrace the industrial theme subtly, choose a subtle sideboard or chest to start with and freshen it up with green, leafy potted plants.

Seek Industrial Elements

With a trend that is rising rapidly, it is not hard to come across industrial-themed decoration in the best luxury furniture stores. Look for repurposed furniture or that gives that impression through old sewing machine tables, as well as gears and cogs which are added to a rustic furniture piece. You can have a lot of fun with this element as you can hunt out functioning and decorative pieces that have intrigue and interest. We love cycle chain elements combined with natural, reclaimed wood to give a truly unique look that will attract comments and envy!

The key to the industrial theme is to be spacious and airy with subtle glints of intrigue and unusual elements. Opt for a neutral colour palette and let the industrial elements of reclaimed wood and metal speak for themselves.

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