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How To Create The Perfect Lighting In Your Home

Lighting in the home comes in all shapes and sizes, from floor lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights and floor level lighting, with lighting in the home, the opportunities are endless. While lighting is entirely functional, it is an accessory too. The style of lighting is important as it adds to the look and feel of the room.

There are so many ways to light a room, and each different way can completely change the space into something new. With so many different types of lighting available, it can be hard to decide what to go for, and the answer is quite simple: choose many light sources.

By increasing your lamp quantity in a room, you can completely change the space to control the mood, ambience and use of the room. With multiple lighting options, you can modify the brightness and the colours to cast over your room so each room can have ample different uses.

To get the light absolutely perfect in each room, follow our three top tips:

  1. Choose The Right Ceiling Lampshade

Many people opt for spotlights as the overhead light, but spotlights can be quite harsh as they focus a direct line of light which can be overbearing when in front of the light and can cast dramatic shadows which can compromise the look and the feel of the room.

When choosing the right overhead lampshade, consider the size and space of the room and its primary function. A vast and flamboyant fixture can be perfect for creating a room with style and glamour, but if you need bright light in the room, it will be useless.

Regardless of the level of lighting you need, you don’t have to compromise on style, industrial style ceiling lamps offer lots of light and are highly fashionable, whereas ornate crystal shades will cast a warm and delicate glow and be a focal point of the room.

  1. Mix It Up

To allow you to alter the lighting in each room, have a combination of different lamps and lighting. Don’t just have a ceiling light, but include floor lamps and table lamps too. Have fun scattering them around the room and finding out what lighting works for you. You may create an entirely different look by having just table lamps on or a brighter airier feel with a mix of table and floor lamps.

Lamps don’t just throw light onto other objects in the room, they are also interesting pieces in themselves and will contribute to the overall design. Some will prefer to have matching lamps whereas others may prefer a bolder look by having mismatching lamps tied together by a common theme.

  1. Make Lighting The Centrepiece

Lamps come in all styles, designs, shapes and sizes and are perfect for being the focal point in the room. Make sure they are oversized, bright and contrasting to the colours already in the room. To give your room a designer makeover, lamps are the simplest addition to a space that can transform a space without a complete design overhaul.

To make sure your lamp is the focus of the space, use mirrors and mirrored furniture to reflect the light from the lamp and even to draw attention to the lamp itself. With so many choices, from glitz crystal to Hollywood movie to industrial style you will be sure to find the perfect statement piece for your space which will utterly transform the room in a flick of a light switch.



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