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How To Create A Stylish and Functional Home Office

A home office is a great space, whether it is for running your business, working from home occasionally or simply having a sanctuary of organisation so that you can pay bills and organise your schedule in peace and with privacy.

A home office should never just be a dumping ground for paperwork or a small desk perched in a dark corner of a room. With a well-designed office, you will be able to achieve your best work, with no distractions, making you much more efficient and proactive. By designing your home office with you in mind, you get to create a space that fits your work style and is a place you’ll enjoy working in rather than resenting.

To transform your office or study space into a place that is stylish and function and more importantly a place where you’ll want to work, then follow our top tips for the perfect designer office.

  1. Choose Your Chair Wisely

Potentially you could spend hours o
n end sitting in your office space, so it is vital that you choose a chair that suits your ergonomics and is extremely comfortable. Fortunately, you no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort as many office chairs now focus on combining luxury materials, lumbar support, thick padding while maintaining sleek lines and curvatures.

Many luxury furniture stores realise the need for combining office practicality and functionality with stunning design and artistic flair. At Guru Interiors, we have an excellent selection of sleek executive chairs, so you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort.

  1. Find Your Muse

It is no secret that colours can affect your mood, and this means colours can play a significant impact in your concentration levels. Avoid humdrum office colours and decorate in a colour that gets your creative juices flowing. Some people enjoy calming blues and greens whereas other may prefer energetic reds and oranges, be bold with your colours to invigorate your mind. If you cannot paint your office, opt instead for wall art and coloured furnishings to help get you into the concentration mindset.

Having art on the wall also gives you something to focus on when you glance up from your computer or desk and will allow you to rest your eyes and refocus your mind.

  1. Organise With Style

Having an office doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for lifeless furniture that is all substance and no style. At Guru Interiors, we offer stunning contemporary furniture that will help you to keep your office organised and stylish. Whether you prefer a reclaimed industrial feel or a rich antique dark walnut finish, we have a range of stylish storage solutions such as bookcases, chests and sideboards that will keep your space tidy, organised and high practical.

A small sideboard is a great office space saver that keeps all of your important documents tidy and neat while offering you a table top for a lamp to improve the light or an ornament or flowers to improve the colour and interest of your office.



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