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A Grand Entrance: Top Tips To Make Your Hallway More Inviting

Usually the hall and entranceway in a home is one of the last on the list of decorating priorities, however, there are many good reasons to focus your attention on the hallway. A hallway is a place which welcomes you home and is the first impression for your guests; a well-designed entranceway can also set the tone for the rest of your house and improve the overall feeling you get when you enter your home and enjoy your sanctuary.

A hallway shouldn’t be a dark and dingy space that helps you to get from one room to another; it should be a welcome transition and a place that opens up your space with light and colour. To make your hallway more appealing, try these three top tips and let your style shine in every room of the house.

  1. Coloured Walls

An excellent way to improve a hallway is to give it some colour. Often colour in the hallway is neglected for a more practical paint to prevent scuffs and handprints however colour can really help to reinvent the space. Hallways are often dark and lifeless as many do not have windows or natural light to brighten the room which is why colour can really improve the look.

To give your hallway a welcoming feel, choose warm hues rather than bright white that may wash the hallway out. A hallway is also a great place to try out a bold patterned wallpaper. To make sure the walls don’t swallow the already limited light, choose a wallpaper with a slight shine or shimmer which will help to reflect the light around the room.

  1. Feature Focal Points

Regardless of how big or narrow your hallway is, it can always benefit from a focal point, such as a shimmering mirrored table or console with a stylish designer lamp. Mirrored furniture is a fantastic way of adding and reflecting light into a room to make it feel more spacious, and a lamp with a warm glow will make your home instantly inviting and cosy while remaining glamorous and stylish.

If you have lots of room to utilise in your hallway, consider an ornate chair which is perfect for taking your shoes on and off as you enter or leave. It can also help to create a more relaxing environment rather than simply a functional corridor. Choosing a select item or two from a luxury furniture store is the perfect way to indulge and give your entrance a stunning impact.

  1. Flooring

Unfortunately, flooring in the hallway has to be practical first and foremost before you can indulge in decadent design. Your hallway has a lot of footfall in a variety of different shoes, so you need to make sure your floor is robust and durable to cope with muddy boots and spiky stilettos as well as considering pets and children.

A great choice for a hallway is a wooden floor as this is easy to clean, highly durable and very attractive, you can add colour by choosing different wood effects or opt for a stylish carpet runner or rug to add pattern and colour.

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