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Tips For Creating A Stunning Dining Room

A dining room is a place where family and friends gather round and spend time socialising. It is the perfect place to share stories and relax while being accompanied by a delicious meal. To create a great dinner party, you need to perfect environment. A dining room is an ideal place to unleash your creativity and create an elegant and stylish setting so that you can stun your guests with your designer décor and make entertaining a breeze.

To create a simply stunning dining room that will impress time and time again, you need to create a space that is versatile and can be transformed for any occasion. Follow these three top tips to transform your space into something magical.

  1. Add Drama With Wallpaper

To create an elegant and sophisticated dining room, be brave with a bold wallpaper. A wallpaper with a stunning design can feel quite imposing to adorn all of your walls, but it is an excellent way to add colour, style, personality and texture to your walls. If you are worried that your chosen wallpaper design will overpower the room, choose a feature wall and add complementing paint on the other walls.

The range of wallpapers is so extensive, but for a dining room, you want to add warmth and cosiness as well as glamour. Choose an elegant print such as damask and team it with a warm colour. A great colour scheme for a dining room is opulent jewel tones such as ruby red, emerald green and deep sapphire blue, these colours are not only highly stylish but create a lovely inviting atmosphere too.

  1. Find A Great Dining Room Table

Modern contemporary furniture is a great addition to your dining room that creates an up to date room and is easy to implement into any space. To maximise the space in your dining room, choose a clever extending table so you can alter the table space you need. Space-saving tables do not necessarily mean cheap designs; many luxury furniture stores offer a range of extending tables in a range of high-quality materials.

To give your dining room table style without any need for decoration choose a furniture piece that is well crafted, with smooth lines and a modern shape. Opt for a glossy topped table for elegance without the need for a tablecloth. A stylish floral centrepiece is all you need to create a contemporary stunning focal point.

  1. Faded Grandeur

An easy way to create a beautiful dining room, that invokes images of the bygone era where dining rooms were the mainstay of the house, is a shabby chic look. Choose a sideboard with a French vintage feel or lightly painted wood products which a brush of metallic paint and gold leaf. Instead of tired and dated, the shabby chic look gives a distressed glamour that is comfortable to relax in and looks effortless.

If you’re not sure where to start with the faded grandeur look, choose a stylish mirror with an elegant frame that’s been sanded or lightly painted. Wall mirrors and mirrored furniture also help to give the room additional light and make the dining room feel much more spacious.



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