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  • How A Rug Can Improve Your Home Décor

    Often an overlooked home interior decoration, rugs can actually bring a great deal to your décor and home styling. A statement rug can be the missing piece of your interior design that brings the room together and set your room apart.

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  • Stylish Ways To Get The Industrial Look In Your Home


    For a cool, understated look that is oozing with style, look no further than the industrial and factory theme for inspiration. The industrial look gives homes a spacious, creative and enticing element. It can help with the acoustics of the building as well as give the freedom and imagination for creative professionals.

    One of the best aspects of adopting the industrial look in your home is that you can combine or choose between modern and vintage elements. You can create a futuristic industrial space that gives your interior design edge and minimalism or, alternatively, you can add vintage and classic pieces to add more warmth and character to your space.
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  • How To Create The Perfect Lighting In Your Home

    Lighting in the home comes in all shapes and sizes, from floor lamps, ceiling lights, spotlights and floor level lighting, with lighting in the home, the opportunities are endless. While lighting is entirely functional, it is an accessory too. The style of lighting is important as it adds to the look and feel of the room. Continue reading

  • Tips for decorating a stunning bedroom

    Decorating a bedroom can be a fun and exciting task. However, it may bring a number of challenges. While decorating your room, there are a number of things you must keep in mind. We present you some of the top tips to decorate your bedroom.

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  • How To Create A Vintage Living Room


    As our homes are a museum of ourselves, it is important that you create a space that is individual, personal and unique. Vintage style is perfect for showing who you are and what you appreciate. Vintage gives the impression of timeless glamour and effortless style, it is considered classic, but this does not mean typical; vintage style pieces are often unique and distinctive. Continue reading

  • How To Create A Stylish and Functional Home Office

    A home office is a great space, whether it is for running your business, working from home occasionally or simply having a sanctuary of organisation so that you can pay bills and organise your schedule in peace and with privacy. Continue reading

  • A Grand Entrance: Top Tips To Make Your Hallway More Inviting

    Usually the hall and entranceway in a home is one of the last on the list of decorating priorities, however, there are many good reasons to focus your attention on the hallway. A hallway is a place which welcomes you home and is the first impression for your guests; a well-designed entranceway can also set the tone for the rest of your house and improve the overall feeling you get when you enter your home and enjoy your sanctuary. Continue reading

  • Tips For Creating A Stunning Dining Room

    A dining room is a place where family and friends gather round and spend time socialising. It is the perfect place to share stories and relax while being accompanied by a delicious meal. To create a great dinner party, you need to perfect environment. A dining room is an ideal place to unleash your creativity and create an elegant and stylish setting so that you can stun your guests with your designer décor and make entertaining a breeze. Continue reading

  • Get Your Lounge Ready For Spring

    As the days start to get longer, it is time to pack away the winter warmers and the cosy furnishings and allow light and brightness to flood your living room for a spring-like feeling. By changing the décor in your lounge to match the new spring season, it can create an airy and bright positive atmosphere. To break out from a winter rut and prepare for the sunny days ahead, try these spring tips. Continue reading

  • How To Make Your Spare Bedroom An Elegant Guestroom

    Having friends and family to stay is a wonderful thing. However, it is often filled with stress and anxiety for you to be the perfect host and to make sure you create an environment that is truly welcoming and comfortable.

    To make your guests feel like they are staying in their own home, transform your spare bedroom into a stylish and elegant guestroom that is befitting of a premium hotel. If you want to ensure your guests have a great night’s sleep and love coming to stay at your home, follow these two handy hints. Continue reading

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